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Due to health reasons I no longer sell boards

New PMinMO IDC compatible 4A@50V Bipolar board from our friends over at the MassMind. See:THB6064

Linistepper V2 Has PMinMO IDC With PMinMO "standard connections"  for mix and match with other boards.  See: Linistepper

Why Modular Designs

The question is always asked, why the modular approach? Here are the technical merits:


1)Swapable for ease of troubleshooting
2)less expensive to replace a damaged motor driver
3)easy to spare when up time is critical
4) superior noise immunity less chance of incorrect steps
5) allows different drivers with different capabilities to be run
6) allows unipolar and bipolar motors to be utilized on the same machine
7) more growth potential. i.e. start with a simple driver, switch to a more efficient driver at a later date.
8) You can fuse each driver board independently


It costs a little more takes a little more space.

System Overview

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